North Korean propaganda, South Korean taxi driver arrested for

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Original article in Korean is at this link.

On the 25th prosecutors in Incheon indicted 49-year-old Mr. A, a taxi driver, on charges of writing internet posts praising and sympathizing with North Korea in violation of the National Security Law.

According to prosecutors, at the end of 2010 Mr. A began writing over 60 internet posts praising North Korea’s three-generation system, its Juche ideology, and its military-first policy, writing such things as “in Chosun [North Korea], do you know they have the system of 2-3 generation loyalty to the people and the motherland? The succession is pro-revolutionary and promotes the development of the people and the motherland.”

In over 50 posts Mr. A also propagandized on the memoirs of Kim Jong-un, photos of the Juche Pagoda, the superiority of North Korean society, and the leadership abilities of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, and praised the Juche ideology and military-first policy, and called for a federal-style reunification, the withdrawal of the United States military, and praised North Korean communism.


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