Google Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Posted on : koreabang

Lately, a humorous parody of the Google Glasses concept video has been doing the rounds on the Korean internet. Closely mirroring the original video, the sketch instead makes fun of the frustrations many Korean computer users have with the over-reliance on Active X which, in some cases, doesn’t display at all on Apple Macs (and can make having one in South Korea a bit of a nightmare sometimes!). The video also makes fun of the fact that pop-ups regularly feature as an annoyance on many videos and get in the way.

At the start of the video, the person wearing the “glasses” wakes up and puts on the glasses in much the same as in the original. He then tries to respond to a text message using voice-activated technology but needs three attempts and walks the streets running into Active X problems.

Of the two videos below, the first is the original video from Google, the second is the parody which has been online for a few days but has already attracted over 200,000 hits.


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