Korean webtoons reach out to world

Posted on : koreaherald.com
Photo : tapastic.com

Webtoons have become more than a cultural item. With the help of rapidly spreading high-tech mobile gadgets, a growing number of people are

exposed to webtoons and businessmen are seeking to use them in new entrepreneurial opportunities.

“No one can deny that webtoons can be powerful sources. They are read by millions of people, which is commercially attractive. Also they can be adapted to different media platforms,” said Lee Du-ho, a Korea Creative Contents Agency PR officer. The Cartoon Industry White Paper 2011 notes that while the overall cartoon industry is sliding, the digital cartoon sector, especially webtoons, is enjoying a boom.

Adaptation to other industries

The recent slew of successful webtoon-based films and TV dramas have accelerated the syndrome ― popular webtoon artists are developing affiliated projects including the publication of their creations, selling rights for TV, the silver screen and other adaptations as well as franchising the work with souvenirs and other commodities.




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