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Twitter user gets suspended sentence for North Korea retweets

A judge in Suwon convicted a 24-year-old photographer of violating the National Security Act by retweeting messages praising North Korea. Judge Shin Jin-woo of the criminal division at Suwon District Court sentenced Park Jung-geun on Nov. 21 to 10 months in prison suspended for two years for the Twitter messages. In his ruling, Shin said the court had “sufficient grounds for recognizing the text the defendant wrote or retweeted as ‘expression aiding the enemy’ as defined by the National Security Act.” He also said the court “recognizes that he had the goal of aiding the enemy.” Shin went on to say, “While Twitter is private by nature, a place where a person states his or her thoughts or opinions briefly within 140 characters, it cannot be restricted to a space of simple personal communication because there is no way of blocking access by an unspecified multitude, and the ripple effect is large.”

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