Television still most Powerful among news media

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Korea’s three largest-circulation daily newspapers account for more than half of all newspapers’ power to influence public opinion, a government panel concluded Thursday.

Television proved to be the most powerful media outlet, while conventional print media is losing ground to online media.

This is the first time a survey on the concentration of media outlets’ power to influence the formation of public opinion has been conducted, with the aim of getting “an objective view of the media market.”

According to the three-year study by a panel under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, television marked 47.2 percent in weighted concentration ratio ― a measure of influence based on market share and strength of impact ― followed by online news outlets at 26 percent and newspapers at 17.3 percent, showing that people paid the most attention to the small screen.

TV news and investigative programs were shown to be influential among people of all generations, while newspapers attract older people and youngsters were drawn to online outlets.

Among the 70 daily newspapers in the country, the three largest dailies ― Chosun, JoongAng and Donga ― held 57.6 percent of the concentration ratio. Chosun marked 23.7 percent, JoongAng 17.9 percent and Donga took 16 percent. Only seven other papers recorded 2 percent concentration ratio.

When it comes to online news,, the website for the Chosun Ilbo newspaper, topped the chart with 7.6 percent followed by the websites for JoogAng Ilbo, 6.8 percent and Yonhap News, 5.9 percent.

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