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Line Brush by Naver

Line Brush by Naver , What else..

Hate is Easy; Love takes Courage.

I started using line brush since last week. I’ve been practicing mg drawing skills using my finger. It’s really hard. Haha! It takes a lot of practice! Line brush is great because it’s not limited. There’s no in-app purchases and advertisements scattering around the canvas plus you can use it with other applications.


I have here my sample drawing: (forgive me, I know I’m an amateur or even lower than that)


Here’s a preview of “LINE BRUSH” by Naver:








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네이버 ‘거리뷰’, 청소년 유해장소 집창촌 노출 ‘논란’

국내 최대 포털사이트 네이버의 지도서비스가 서울 지역의 집창촌을 그대로 노출시키고 있는 것으로 드러났다.

24일 한 매체에 따르면 네이버 ‘거리뷰’를 분석한 결과 서울 영등포동 타임스퀘어 뒷편, 용산구 한강로 용산역 입구, 평택역 인근 등에 위치한 청소년출입금지구역이 그대로 노출된 것으로 파악됐다.

이 매체는 입구에서 바라본 거리 모습은 물론 일부 장소는 내부 모습까지 보인다고 전했다. 특히, 이 서비스는 특별제한없이 청소년들도 자유롭게 이용할 수 있기 때문에 문제가 될 수 있다는 지적이다.

지난 8일 서울 수도권과 6개 광역시 등에 서비스한 네이버 ‘거리뷰’는 다음 ‘로드뷰’, 구글의 ‘스트리트뷰’와 비슷한 실사지도 서비스로 현재 후발주자인 만큼 막대한 자금력과 인력을 동원해 최근 서비스 커버리지를 확대하고 있다.

사실 무분별한 노출이나 이에 따른 사생활 침해 문제 등은 네이버 거리뷰뿐만 아니라 대부분의 지도서비스가 안고 있는 문제다.

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Naver’s Kids

Naver’s Kids

Jr.Naver is the largest children’s portal in Korea, with 4 million
subscribers and 1.3 million unique visitors per day. It offers spe-
cialized educational content for children, such as Homework
Helper, which was restructured to comply with the school curricu-
lum, and Preschool, which makes learning fun for preschool chil-
dren. Jr.Naver also offers a variety of content for children to use
with their parents, such as Children’s Song World, Fairy Tale
Travel, and Parents’ Room, as well as entertainment services like
Animal Farm and Game Land.

Source NhnCorp 
  Junior Naver
Naver portal for kids, search, cafes, book learning and gaming, such as parents provide guidance. 
  Junior Naver Animal Farm
Virtual animals to raise, farm, decorating, item store, point games, animals, schools, and provides kukingsyap. 
  Junior Naver panirum
Children Myspace, ahyitemsyap, point games, including Fannie service story. 
 Junior Naver Music Box
The latest music video, singer, dictionaries, singers, quizzes, provides cartoon. 
  Junior Naver Avatar Land
Jyunibeo ahbatasyap, avatar, show off, the album boasts, Avatars and more. 
  Junior Naver dinosaur country
Dinosaur types and characteristics, habitat, dinosaur encyclopedia, provides images and information. 

The Junior Naver gabenol
Gabenol educational services, Kabe introduction, configuration and characteristics of play, learning videos and more. 
 Junior Naver shake the world
Toddlers, nursery, learning, listening and providing thematic shake, shake offering creative guidance and more. 

World Junior Naver children
Hangul, English, math, art, creativity, games, development, test provide a test. 
 Junior Naver fairy tale journey
Classic fairy tales, fairy tales, original fairy tales, Aesop’s fables, fairy tales provide unusual.

Naver, un nuovo avversario per Google

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Non bastava il cinese Baidu a rendere difficile la vita a Google nel estremo oriente, ora bigG è bene che si guardi le spelle anche da un secondo fenomeno emergente che promette battaglia. Stiamo parlando di, sito sud coreano che si sta ritagliando un posto al sole tra i motori di ricerca.

Naver è ovviamente il motore leader in patria dove è utilizzato dal 77% degli utenti ma le ultime classifiche lo pongono addirittura al quinto posto assoluto su scala mondiale subito alle spalle di Google, Yahoo!, Baidu, e MSN.

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Daum, Korea’s No. 2 Web portal, tripled its earning

Naver, Daum

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Daum Communications, the operator of Korea’s No. 2 Web portal, posted record quarterly sales and tripled its earnings on-year from July to September on revenue from advertisements and its online shopping unit.

The company’s sales climbed 5.1 percent on-year to 61.4 billion won ($51.4 million) in the third quarter, breaking the 60 billion won mark for the first time. Operating profit rose 17.1 percent on-year to 13.5 billion won, while net profit jumped more than threefold compared to the same quarter last year, to 13.6 billion won. Daum’s net profit during the third quarter of 2008 was 4 billion won.

“Our third quarter earnings were a direct result of our services geared toward users’ everyday life, and related advertisements, including banner sales and sponsor links,” the company said in an official statement, adding that it saw a rapid rise in visitor traffic to its main Web site

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A fresh look for Naver Dictionary


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My best friend ^^ Whenever I’m using the com, there will always be one window on firefox with 6-7 tabs just for Naver Dictionary. Both Korean-English and Korean-Korean.

I got quite a shock when I realised that the Korean-English dictionary has undergone a makeover and I’m pleased with the results. Although it will take sometime to get used to it again.

Some of the new features:

English translation in the search box

I like it! Sometimes you just want a quick search and this helps alot.You don’t have to go to the actual page to find out the meaning.

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How To Search On Naver

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I know this might seem like a lot of information to take in, but once you’ve been using Naver for a while it’ll all become like second nature to you . I tried to cover everything I could think of that you might encounter, but should you come across something during your searches that leaves you totally confused, feel free to leave a message on my LJ or send an e-mail to ask about it .

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Naver Improves Search, Balks at Google

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NHN, the operator of Naver (www.naver.gogole com), the country’s most popular Web site, takes pride in being one of the planet’s few Internet companies that can claim itself as a Google-beater.

And the company has no intention of letting the U.S. search giant appear larger in the rear-view mirror, and doesn’t want to hear talk about an open Web environment.

In a recent meeting with news reporters, NHN Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lee Joon-ho revealed Naver’s improved search services, which he said are designed to recognize the search habits of individuals.

So far, Naver has been arranging the search results based on the number of hits. Since earlier this month, however, the company has been testing a new technology that supposedly measures “satisfaction,” analyzing the type of content a user tends to prefer and reflect the information in search results.

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Naver Japan Mobile Beta

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Naver Japan

Naver launched mobile version of its recently-unveiled Japanese web search service. Called Naver Mobile Beta, the service claims to have features that are especially tailored for mobile users.

Naver Japan blog offers a couple of screen shots of Naver Mobile Beta. The screen shot on the left side shows Naver’s top search keywords (“Trend Ranking”). Users can do normal searches through Naver search box, and at the same time they can also browse through popular search keywords (“passive search”, if you will). The latter might be popular among mobile users who just want to “kill time” and see if there is anything interesting happening right now.


Naver Japan search finally unveiled

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Naver Japan search, the culmination of years of hard work by the Korean search giant, has finally been unveiled and is now available to some 5,000 beta testers. Reviews are already coming in, and based on the initial impressions and feedbacks, it looks like the service is quite well received among the closed beta testers.



What’s noticeable even at the first sight is the clean UI. The Naver hallmark green hues are used quite extensively but in an eye-pleasing way. On the front page, hot search queries are placed prominently (using flash graphics), showing current memes and attracting impluse clicks.

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