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Couple who starved baby girl to death were raising an online girl character


A couple, who were arrested earlier this week for neglecting their baby girl and letting her starve to death, had actually been raising an online girl character, the police said on Friday.

The couple, residents of a southern Seoul suburb, allegedly neglected their prematurely born three-month-old daughter, feeding her just once a day in between 12-hour stretches at a neighborhood Internet cafe. Police said they had become obsessed with raising a virtual girl character called “Anima” in the popular role-playing game “Prius Online.”

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For youths, games turn to pumpkin at midnight

In the wake of increasing game and internet addiction, the Ministry of Culture has decided to take drastic measures

Korea’s Ministry of Culture has apparently decided to take some drastic measures to counter increasing games addiction.

Among the policies being introduced include a midnight “shutdown” mechanism for many popular games and an internet bandwidth “slowdown” system.

According to the Korea Herald, “a pair of policies were announced yesterday that will attempt to block underaged access to online computer games after midnight in light of the rising problem of video game addiction among youth.

“In what’s being touted as the ‘nighttime shutdown,’ the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism hopes the new measures they have implemented will help eradicate video game addiction among teenagers.

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World of Warcraft Can Boost Your Career

Hugh Pickens writes “Forbes reports that although videogames have long been thought of as distractions to work and education rather than aids, there is a growing school of thought that says game-playing in moderation, and in your free time, can make you more successful in your career. ‘We’re finding that the younger people coming into the teams who have had experience playing online games are the highest-level performers because they are constantly motivated to seek out the next challenge and grab on to performance metrics,’ says John Hagel III, co-chairman of a tech-oriented strategy center for Deloitte. Elliot Noss, chief executive of domain name provider Tucows, spends six to seven hours a week playing online games and believes World of Warcraft trains him to become a better leader.”

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EA: Korea game rooms one place to find the future of gaming

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Rich Hilleman the chief creative officer of Electronic Arts was recently interviewed and mentioned Korean computer gaming rooms (pc bangs) as one place to look for the future of gaming:

He noted how there are 28,000 Internet game rooms in South Korea where gamers pay by the hour and the establishments make their money on sales of soda and Doritos. About half of the country’s 48 million people are game players, with tastes ranging from hardcore online games like Starcraft to fashion games for girls.

“If I want to go to see the past of gaming, I go to Japan,” he said. “If I want to see the future, I go to Korea.”

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Korean Video Game News Roundup

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Pearl Research released a new report that found the Korean online games market grew over 20 percent last year:

In order for the South Korean market to keep growing, says Pearl, it’ll have to contend with intensifying domestic competition, a government crackdown on web-based board games, fewer capital resources for small and independent publishers, and the correlated rise in development costs as the market becomes packed with contenders.

The Korea Association of Game Industry unveiled new industry guidelines including a new rule limiting “virtual gambling” to ten hours a day:

NHN, No.1 Web portal operator that owns an online game site Hangame, as well as other members will start to take measures on a “voluntary basis.”

“It’s about time the Korean game industry should take social responsibility in proportion to the fast growth it has achieved up to date,” KAOGI Chairman Kim Jung-ho said.

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Korean game makers post strong quarter

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Korean game developers are looking optimistically at 2009 with companies posting strong profitson the release of new games like NCsoft’s Aion:

The impressive opening acts of Neowiz and CJ Internet could be overshadowed on Friday when NCsoft, the industry kingpin, reports its quarterly earnings. NCsoft, which built its reputation on the iconic role-playing series, “Lineage,” seems to have finally found a heir apparent in “Aion,” the company’s new fantasy role-playing game that is actually managing to live up to its impossible pre-launch hype.

Gamasutra reported on NCsoft’s impressive earnings in the first quarter of 2009. While it’s not all rosy news for NCsoft with Richard Garriott filing a lawsuit for his termination from the company last year.

Meanwhile, Nexon is also looking at expanding their operations into Japan:

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Gaming Addiction vs Gaming Professionalism

How serious is gaming addiction?

According to the Washington Post, 2.4% of South’s Korea’s population aged 9-39 suffers from gaming addiction. Another 10.2% are considered to be borderline cases.
In 2005 alone, ten people died from game addiction related causes.
A couple in Incheon, Korea was arrested in June 2005 when they left their 4-month old daughter alone at home for five hours while going to play World of Warcraft at a PC Baang(Internet café). The baby died of suffocation from turning over on her stomach while the parents were gone.

A number of reasons are blamed for the rise of online gaming addiction in South Korea. They range from the longer amount of time needed to finish extensive gaming objectives or storylines, to inexpensive Internet access (averaging $30.00 a month for household high-speed Internet services), to a society used to living in small apartments or homes trying to escape unfulfilling daily lifestyles.

The Washington Post says, “Gaming addiction is in part because young people here suffer from acute stress as they face educational pressures said to far exceed those endured by their peers in other countries. It is not uncommon, for instance, for South Korean students to be forced by their parents into four to five hours of daily after-school tutoring. With drug abuse and teenage sex considered rare in the socially conservative country, escape through electronic games can be a huge attractive outlet.”

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EA penetrates Korean online game market with FIFA online

I am not a huge fan of game though, Korea is famous for its advanced game market, especially in online game. Pearl Research, American consulting firm, forecasts the online games market in Korea will exceed $1.7 billion by 2009, driven by new releases and a fervent gaming culture.

Most of games are developed and published by Korean game company,except World of Warcraft which is developed and published by Blizzard. Among these online games, FIFA online 2, ranked as number 3, is developed by both EA( and Neowiz(

EA traditionally have made package games such as Sims, Need for speed, Battlefield, NBA, and FIFA series. To get into the online game business EA invested the Korean online game company Neowiz, currently EA is the second shareholder of Neowiz. Neowiz is Korean game company, operating online game portal Pmang(,  top 3 game portal in Korea. Together with Neowiz, EA focused on getting the FIFA series into its online version.

FIFA online 1 was launched in 2006 in Korea and the year after the second version of the game, FIFA online 2, was established. FIFA online 2 is currently reaping its success in Korea  with revenue of around 2 million dollars per month.I think FIFA online has pretty successed to enter not even Korean online game market also global online game market.  EA is trying to make FIFA online successfull at other countries too. FIFA online 2 was launched in Japan to the public on October 2008. Also FIFA online 2  is preparing to get launched in China and other markets. On November 28, FIFA online 2 will start open beta test globally (If you want to see more about FIFA online 2 open beta test, visit here)

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Korea readies for StarCraft II, Aion

Koreas are already anticipating the release of Blizzard’s StarCraft II which will be released sometime in 2009:

The new game will undoubtedly have big shoes to fill as it was Korean gamers who made StarCraft one of the most successful video games ever.

Blizzard so far has sold more than 4.5 million copies of StarCraft in Korea alone and the game also spawned an industry of Internet cafes, called “PC Rooms,” that are now ubiquitous around the country.

The game was also responsible for the emergence of “e-sports,” with millions of viewers attracted to professional StarCraft players battling on television with live commentary and analysis from experts.

Korea’s Online Games Exports to Surpass W1-trillion

Korea’s Online Games Exports to Surpass W1-trillion

Korea’s annual export of online games is expected to surpass the W1-trillion mark for the first time, according to a survey of online games companies.

The survey revealed on Thursday that the export of Korea’s online games will likely increase to US$900 million (US$1=W1,340), from last year’s $780 million. Considering the depreciation of the won from W900 to W1,300 against the dollar, online game exports are forecast to surpass W1 trillion. As industry leaders’ exports grow at two-digit pace and mid-ranking companies join the export bandwagon, exports of games are rapidly increasing.

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