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Sung Jae gi Han River Suicide

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A man tried to drown himself in the Han River

Three men stand by idly, even took a picture and made a video.

South Korea KBS TV station is being criticized for camerman’s looking on without doing anything.

A Man takes his own life by leaping from a bridge, but KBS cameraman is filming death leap scene.

Their behavior trench closely on madness.

성재기 한강 투신에 kbs는 이러고 있었다.
  1. 성재기를 좋아하지 않지만 그의 투신은 당혹스럽다. 그 현장에 카메라 들이대고 취재한 KBS. 경악스럽다. 내가 낸 수신료가 이런 반인륜적 만행에 쓰인단 말인가. 이것이 공영방송인가.
  1. KBS cameraman is shooting a man before jumping to his death from the Mapo Bridge.

    The  public television service can’t do this.

  1. “@steelove77: @actwalk 여기” 헐… 성재기 투신 촬영한게 kbs 맞네요. kbs 의 그간의 행태와 더불어 취재 및 보도윤리가 상당히 논란될거 같은데 사장 물러나야할 사안인 듯.
  1. The man, identified by his surname Sung Jae gi, jumped into the Han River. The photo was taken by a stander-by

  2. 성재기씨 투신 할 때 구명조끼라도 입히지않고 주위에서는 뭐 했나? 참 너무도 어이없고 슬픈 일이다


  1. 남성대표 성재기, 한강 투신 “현재 상태는?” 남성연대 대표 성재기가 25일 남성연대 홈페이지를 통해 예고했던대로 26일 한강 다리 위에서 뛰어내렸습니다.

Most Seoul Singles Live Along Line 2 and Earn Little

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Most singles in Seoul are blue-collar workers and live around the circular Subway Line 2. That emerges from a demographic report on the city published Wednesday by Byun Mi-ree, a research fellow at the Seoul Development Institute. It finds that in 75 out of 525 “dong,” or wards, single-person households accounted for over 30 percent, and in 11 dong near metro stations on Subway Line 2, singles accounted for more than half. The data used is the 2005 census by the National Statistical Office.

Symbol of seoul

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With the need of a symbol which represents the size and reputation of the city of Seoul for the sake of Seoul’s competitive edge and brand worth, a creative icon which contains the qualities and distinguishing characteristics of Seoul was invented.

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‘Haechi’ is the representative mark of Seoul which was created to give dreams and hopes to Seoul’s citizens while expressing the city’s history, tradition and culture.

The Destruction of Kahoi Dong

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The Destruction of Kahoi Dong – 가회동의 영혼을 더럽히다. 

Seoul’s last district of traditional homes was destroyed with government support .

국민의 세금으로 서울에 마지막 남은 조선 600년의 서민의 삶의 현장인 가회동 한옥마을이

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After six hundred years at the heart of Korean cultural and social life, Seoul’s Kahoi Dong district, “the place where beauty gathers,” is being relentlessly destroyed. Kahoi Dong is the last district in Seoul where there are whole streets of Hanoks, preserving the ambience of Seoul a century ago. These old homes are now being bulldozed to be replaced by two storey buildings built mainly of concrete and decorated with a topping of traditional-style architecture.

Kahoi-Dong is also part of Bukchon, “The Northen Village,” a small area that lies between between two former royal palaces, both also fine examples of wooden architecture, the Kyongbok Palace or “Palace of Shining Happiness” and the Ch’angdok Palace or “Palace of Illustrious Virtue” (the latter was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997).

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Seoul’s Got Haechi, Now Can You Remember It?

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In one of the most publicized launches in recent memory the mayor of Seoul, Oh Se-hoon, has appeared nearly everywhere in order to introduce us to all things Haechi, the new brand identity to represent the city to the world.  He was showing off new orange haechi taxis, standing next to fluffy mascots, and quashing the competition.


Haechi is an imaginary creature deriving from the Haetae, appearing with a lion’s head, pointy teeth, a dog’s body, and acting as a guardian against fire and disasters.

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Seoul: Best city for mobile LBS?

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Yet another interesting, “only possible in Korea” story. For those who didn’t know, Seoul is pretty famous for its healthy (or almost unhealthy?) dose of night life. Recently, a civil organization called Citizen’s Movement for No Prostitution published “escort businesses map” of Gangnam Gu, southern part of Seoul.

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