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More on the Skype Outage and its Implications


Like millions of others around the world, I experienced the disappearance (see the previous post) of my normally dependable Skype service.  It was out of order all day yesterday (December 23), but by this morning I was able to log on normally.

The media are full of stories about the Skype outage.  As The New York Times “Bits” column noted, Skype will struggle to restore not only its service, but its reputation.  Skype has announced that its problem was with “supernodes,” computers among its network of 124 million users that serve as phone directories and help connect calls.  For unknown reasons, they were taken off line.  Although unknown, Skype did know and announce, according to the BBC, that the fault had been caused by a “software issue” on critical parts of its network.
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Fingerprinting denies 31 foreigners entry

Fingerprinting denies 31 foreigners entry

In the past two weeks a total of 31 foreigners have been denied entry into Korea following the introduction of the fingerprinting screening system earlier this month.

The Ministry of Justice said Thursday that 31 foreign nationals were deported from 22 harbors and airports from Sept. 1-14 because they were found to have committed crimes here or had overstayed their visas in the past.

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The government introduced the fingerprinting process as part of moves to prevent non-Koreans with criminal records or association with terrorist groups from coming here ahead of the upcoming G20 summit.

Those who were denied entry were sent back to China, the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Ghana. They were caught attempting to pass through the immigration screening with fake passports issued under aliases.

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Smart TV competition heats up market

Smart TV competition heats up market

Competition over smart TV is intensifying as technology giants are set to unveil their new devices at a major electronics show in Germany next month.

Smart TV is a cross-functional device that incorporates television and the Web, offering TV applications and other interactive Internet services such as online shopping, games and Internet phone calls.

Google and Samsung Electronics are currently leading the market with LG Electronics following the two firms.

Google reportedly met with executives from big television networks in the U.S., such as ABC, NBC and Fox to convince them to give it rights to the networks’ content recently. The request was made so that the Google TV viewers could have a more productive search.

However, the network executives hesitated to accept, citing the potential to lose control of their content via online video clips and pirated videos.

Google, partnering with Sony and Logitech for the smart TV platform, plans to feature its Google TV for European consumers and experts at the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited which takes place Sept. 3-8.

Samsung Electronics, the world’s No. 2 handset manufacturer, will also display its new smart TV operating on its own individual platform at the global event held in Berlin, Germany.

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LG to unveil 1st ‘smart’ TV

By Kim Yoo-chul

LONDON _ Korean technology giant LG Electronics plans to release its first “smart’’ television, equipped with its “NetCast 2.0’’ for Web-connected televisions, at the upcoming IFA trade fair in Berlin.

LG, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of flat-screen televisions behind Samsung Electronics, claims to be providing an “all-in-one’’ device for its data-handling television, it hopes will provide competition to similar products planned by Apple and Google as well as its Korean archrival.

Television heavyweights like Samsung and LG are vowing to acquire the lion’s share in smart televisions, which along with three dimensional (3D)-enabled flat screens, is the buzzword in consumer electronics.

However, the television makers lack in areas such as software capability and content delivery compared to Apple and Google, which have acquired massive developers’ networks through their content platforms for smartphones that they hope could trickle down to the foundations for their nascent televisions business.

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How Samsung Is Tackling Greentech

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Just over six months have passed since Korean electronics giant Samsung unveiled a multibillion-dollar push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its factories and slash the amount of emissions resulting from its consumer products. But already the South Korea-based conglomerate has its fingers in more than a few greentech pots, including wind power, energy storage, solar manufacturing and solar project development, biomaterials, and energy efficient consumer electronics.

Like energy and engineering conglomerates General Electric and Siemens, Samsung has a sprawling stake in greentech, and some of the company’s longstanding tech (semiconductors) and services (large-scale and offshore engineering) could find new markets. As Greentech Media has noted, ”The Samsung group includes companies specializing in hotels, construction, chemicals, securities, sugar, etc., all of whom are potential test customers and lab partners.” Here are five (plus one) key greentech plays from Samsung.

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Samsung Electronics First to Begin Mass Producing 3D TV Panels


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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in display technology and digital media, announced today that it has become the first company to commence mass production of panels for 3D LED TVs and 3D LCD TVs.

“Recently, 3D displays have captured the industry spotlight,” said Wonkie Chang, president of the LCD Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung Electronics aims to lead the global 3D TV panel market in pioneering panel mass production for 3D LED and LCD TVs.”

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