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Blogger’s Phone Review Deleted by Samsung

globalvoicesonline.org  Lee Yoo Eun

In South Korea, an influential blogger’s negative review of a Samsung smartphone has been taken down due to pressure from the manufacturer. Internet users have harshly criticised the nation’s biggest conglomerate, Samsung Electronics and Naver, the nation’s biggest web portal, for censoring the blogger.

Hahm Young Min is an influential IT blogger who has several thousand daily readers on his blog, Hahm Young Min’s DicaGallery. Hahm posted a review of Samsung’s newly released smartphone, Galaxy S2 on April 2, 2011, entitled “Nine shortcomings of the Unusable Galaxy2S of Samsung”.

Screenshot of Hahm’s removed post.

“Temporarily suspended”

Several days later, the original post was nowhere to be seen. In its place, was this message from the blog host Naver: “This post has been temporarily suspended due to reader requests. The decision was taken in accordance with Korea Telecommunication Law, Article 44 Clause 2.”

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Twitter is about to launch a Korean service


It seems the Twit Korean is not very far away. The Hankyung newspaper’s IT journalist and a prolific Twitterer @kwang82 tweeted today that, “Twitter is about to launch a Korean service” and noticed that Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder, is planning to visit Seoul for a press conference tomorrow. His invitation card reads ‘Twitter Loves Korea’.

Twitter is only available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese, prompting some Korean twitterers touse Twitkr or Twit bird. As Blogger Ajenneja pointed out some of Twitter’s major functions, such as the hashtag, do not work properly in the Korean language and the Twit search gives terrible results when searched in Korean words longer than three syllables.

The exact purpose of the press conference is unknown but considering the recent changes in Twitter’s help desk, it’s more or less certain that Twitter in Korean is about to be realized. @Barunsori6 tweeted under the title [good news for fellow Twitterers not fluent in English] that Tweeter’s help center is now available in Korean, which was roundly welcomed with such comments as ‘Yay, finally! I can complain in Korean.’

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Korean Supermarkets Chuseok

Korean Supermarkets

One of the things we love to do when we go to new countries is check out their supermarkets. Sounds lame, doesn’t it? I don’t know: it just seems like there’s so much for you to learn from a country’s supermarket. The atmosphere, the stuff they’re selling, the way they market their products. It’s amazing. We felt the same way when we first came to Korea. In fact, going to a Korean Supermarket was one of the first videos we ever made! Over two years ago, when we first came to Korea, we were floored by Home Plus, and did a couple of videos of shopping in Korea. But that was so long ago. Our camera is so much better now! And we’re feeling kinda artsy fartsy lately, so we figured we’d make another video about Shopping in Korea, only this time with our new equipment.

Unfortunately, the awesome Home Plus in Bucheon had a mega-fire. It’s been closed for the past week or so, so we couldn’t make a movie there. Instead, we went to Kim’s Club right beside it, whose business must be going through the roof since it’s neighbour shut down.

So, if you haven’t seen a Korean Supermarket before, here are some cool thing you can expect:

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Yonsei admissions officer axed over tweet

연세대 입학사정관 “특혜 말투”로 보직 정지

Yonsei University said Monday it suspended an admissions officer from her job as her husband posted a message on Twitter that indicated she could favor an applicant to the school.

The man, who runs a private academy teaching speech skills, posted a message on the social-networking site, telling a TV news reader that: “If your child plans to apply for Yonsei, please let me know. My wife has been designated as an admissions officer. Why don’t you get some benefit from me?”

The two once worked at the same broadcasting company and have maintained a good relationship since, sources said.

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That strange Korean medical iPhone app: 마이닥터 – 내손안의 주치의

If you look on the list of medical apps on your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll see one called “마이닥터 – 내손안의 주치의!”

How do you pronounce that again? The Korean written language is a phonetic language. By that, I mean that you can read Korean words by sounding out the characters. So, a person could become very fluent at reading Korean out loud (even if the person doesn’t know what the words mean).

So, 마이닥터 would be pronounced “ma – ee – doc – duh” … or, simply: my doctor

Now, let’s dig into this app to see what it’s all about. Let’s translate using Google Translate.

마이닥터의 다양하고 풍부한 추천병원 정보 및 의료건강 상식을 iPhone을 통해 언제 어디서나 실시간으로 제공 받을 수 있습니다.

My doctor recommended the hospital ‘s diverse and rich knowledge of information and health care in real time, anytime, anywhere via the iPhone will be offered .

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스마트한 세계 증강현실

스마트한 세계 증강현실

20년 전, 공상과학소설에서나 보던 말도 안 되는 일들이, 지금 신문에서 읽히는 ‘리얼’ 현실이 되어버렸다. 자고 일어나면 별천지가 펼쳐지는 요즘이다.오, 스마트한 세상.

구름이 잔뜩 낀 하늘, 휴대폰을 꺼내 하늘을 향해 비추자 액정 위로 일기예보 정보가 표시된다. 버스 정류장에 붙어 있는 영화 포스터에 가져다 댔더니, 개봉 날짜와 흥행 순위, 시놉시스가 주르르 딸려 나온다. 낯선 길을 걷다 주변 건물을 향해 비추면, 인근 맛집 정보와 할인 쿠폰이 실시간으로 날아온다. SF영화 속 한 장면이 아니다. 바로 지금 우리가 사는 현실에서 일어나고 있는 일이다. 이제 더 이상 비싼 데이터 통신비를 내며 맛집 정보를 검색하지 않아도 되며, 약도와 쿠폰을 일일이 프린트할 이유가 없어졌다. 우리는 이른바 ‘증강현실‘ 속에 살고 있기 때문이다. 증강현실(augmented reality : AR)은 실제 현실세계에 가상의 물체나 실시간적인 부가정보가 겹쳐진 혼합 현실로, 컴퓨터그래픽 환경을 사용하는 ‘가상현실’과는 구별되는 용어이다. 1990년 미국 항공기 업체, 보잉사의 톰 코델이 항공기 내부 설계를 설명하기 위해 실제와 가상 이미지를 동시에 보여준 기술에서 비롯되었는데, 아이폰을 위시한 스마트폰이 휴대폰 시장의 대세가 되면서 실생활 범위로 확장되는 중이다.

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Korean Fashion Continues to Make Its Way Into the Mainstream

Korean Fashion Continues to Make Its Way Into the Mainstream

Even if you are just a casual observer of fashion trends you are probably aware of the impact of the latest generation of Asian designers on the fashion market. Arguably the most influential of the young designers are those from Korea. Over the past few years Korean fashion has moved from what can best be termed a cottage industry to taking its place as a full blown force in the fashion world. In fact, hot young Korean fashion designers are all the rage from Paris to New York.

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