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The Story of King Sejong

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“The people are the root of a country and food is the sky.”
Look at the above photo! He’s actually one of the most respected heroes of Korea, the Great King Sejong! It’s safe to say he actually accomplished renaissance of Joseon Dynasty by developing promulgation of Hangeul(Korean Alphabet), science technology, culture and arts, military affairs, diplomacy, agriculture and astronomy on the base of love of people!

From now on, I’ll show you the exhibition, “The Story of King Sejong” which is being held at the center of downtown Seoul! I’m sure that this exhibition will be committed to the place for communication and unification to admire achievements of Kong Sejong and be revived as the spirit of the times for Koreans. And for Foreigners, this will be nice chance to learn about Korean hero.

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Learning the Korean alphabet

Written by Sarah Fauset on eslteacherrecruiter.com

Do you want to learn Korean? Don’t know where to start? Start here with the alphabet! Practice the sounds of the consonants and vowels on this chart and you will be well on your way to learning how to read in Korean.Korean is actually an easy language to learn compared to the Chinese language.


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