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All about Daum’s “road view” (kind of like Google Street View)

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This service was released in January of this year and I don’t think it’s gotten the fanfare it deserves. Daum is kind of comparable to Microsoft in that it was first on the scene when the internet first became well-known in the 90s, and for a while it was the site to go to. It was eventually replaced by Naver as the number one search engine and portal. This time though they’ve beaten their competitors to the punch by investing a ton of money to drive around Seoul and Gyeonggi-do (the province surrounding the capital city) and create their version of Street View, which they call Road View (로드뷰). Here’s what it looks like:

This is an intersection by COEX (an international convention centre) and a temple known as Bongeun-sa, where all the friendly cats are. The interface is all in Korean though so I’ll explain how to use it (it’s almost the same).

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Korea Map and location-based services

Little Star teuwinkeul provide Internet e-maps, satellite imagery mapping service Bluebird.

Seoul GIS Portal System
Seoul GIS Services, Map Search, themed maps, electronic maps, statistics, maps, Seoul, looks at maps provide exhibition.

Google Earth
Use Google satellite photos, maps, and space navigation services are three-dimensional world, providing downloads.

Jeju Tourist Map
Regions evangelism and provides details of Jeju.

Mr. Hall
Internet maps, map making, KT provides phone numbers, maps and universities nationwide, providing tutoring program.
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Duel of Korean maps shows how difficult it is to dethrone the ruling king

Blogger Channy Yun, on his Korean blog, recently posted that Daum Map’s traffic has slided back to its original level after a shark-jump peak in late January, when Daum launched Street View service. 

Yahoo, the domestic first-class ultra-high resolution satellite map releases 60cm

야후 지도 서비스

Yahoo Korea, a 2m-class service, a satellite map of the latest image of the region also announced reorganization. The satellite map in the first grade of a nationwide reorganization of 2m, and throughout the country will be able to easily view high-resolution satellite images. Looking down on the plane throughout the Republic of Korea, as is that I can look at in detail.

Yahoo Korea, along with detailed information of a general map, satellite map, you can look at the video of the ipchegam hybrid map is provided in the portal. In addition to the reorganization of the national level by raising more than 1M region on the map that clearly related to the region was able to get more detailed information.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is gaebanghwa ‘strategy, according to the Yahoo Maps API for free and open. The update is automatically reflected in the open API.

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Internet Map Service War – Who’s gonna be winner ?

It seems Korean major internet portals decided to make their map service as the new force to growth.

Naver(www.naver.com), No.1 Internet Portal in Korea, launched ‘Photo Street’, showing photos of downtown and direct call service to make reservation of selected place.

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Daum to unveil new map service,(street-level photography)

Daum Communications is preparing to launch a new beta for their map service with new high-resolution aerial and street-level photography to compete with Google and Naver for traffic:

Although company officials are reluctant to comment on costs, Daum is believed to be spending over 20 billion won to develop the new service, collaborating with SamAh Aerial Survey for the aerial photos and Pix Korea for the street-level images.

It took a year for Daum to build the database, which covers virtually the entire country including Seoul and the neighboring Gyeonggi Province areas, the six metropolitan cities and Jeju Island.


PIXKOREA (Korean) has a demo on their website.

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