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Sweeping Reduction in Cell-Phone Costs for Low-Income Earners

Low-income earners will no longer need to endure complicated procedures to receive reduced cell-phone rates.

The Korea Communications Commission said during its operational report at the National Assembly, “A sweeping reduction will be implemented in order for the whole low income group to enjoy the benefit.”

According to the report, all eligible basic living benefit recipients will enjoy a 50-percent discount on basic charges and call charges within a monthly limit of W30,000 (US$1=W1,489).

Thanks to Chosun.com

Mobile phone usage statistics from Korea

The JoongAng Daily reports on the saturation of the mobile phone market in Korea:

According to the Korea Communications Commission, there were 45.6 million cell phone users in Korea at the end of last year, up by 2.1 million from 2007. Considering the nation’s population of 48.62 million, 93 percent of Koreans use cell phones, while every Korean household has an average of 2.73 mobile phones, it noted.

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