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Seoul Sounds

Idea: It’s always been said that a picture can tell a thousand words, but what about everything else?  What about all those things that not even words can express?  I’ve been living in Seoul for the past year and have begun to collect sounds in an attempt to capture what is uniquely and distinctly Seoul.

Sounds: Every entry can be heard by clicking the play button on the audio player below each picture.  You can also download the sounds by right-clicking on the title at the end of each post and selecting ‘Download Linked File.’

Equipment: All the sounds posted have been recorded using my fancy new Olympus LS-10 handheld Linear PCM Recorder.  I bought it when I was back in the States, and haven’t totally figured it out yet, so hopefully you’ll see an improvement in the samples as time goes on.

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Thanks to Steve and  Seoul Sound , I really like this Blog

Seoul launched “Floating Island”

Posted on gimhyeonjeong

How can a 2,000-ton buoy float? Well, man-made floating islets(Viva) was launched on the Han river near Banpo Bridge in the heart of Seoul, yesterday……..

I’m hoping that the Floating Island will become Seoul’s new landmark where people can enjoy leisure, exhibitions, performance and conventings along the Han river, too.

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