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Most Seoul Singles Live Along Line 2 and Earn Little

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Most singles in Seoul are blue-collar workers and live around the circular Subway Line 2. That emerges from a demographic report on the city published Wednesday by Byun Mi-ree, a research fellow at the Seoul Development Institute. It finds that in 75 out of 525 “dong,” or wards, single-person households accounted for over 30 percent, and in 11 dong near metro stations on Subway Line 2, singles accounted for more than half. The data used is the 2005 census by the National Statistical Office.

KT expands Wi-Fi coverage to all subways

KT expands Wi-Fi coverage to all subways

Telecommunications giant KT said it completed installing Wi-Fi hotspots in the country’s subway stations, allowing its customers to access free wireless Internet services on the platforms.

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The company, which provides a wealth of mobile Internet devices such as the Apple iPhone, is also looking to expand its Wi-Fi coverage to the subway cars, as well as buses and taxies, by installing the vehicles with the company’s portable gateway devices dubbed as “Egg.” The devices convert the signals of WiBro, a portable broadband technology that is the local variant of mobile WiMAX, into Wi-Fi signals. The Egg-based Wi-Fi services are already being tested on a number of Seoul taxis.

“The Wi-Fi hotspots in the subway stations of Seoul and the metropolitan area and the five major provincial cities have been completed. Considering that the demand for Wi-Fi access is high among students and office workers during the morning and evening commuting hours, we believe the consumer response to be explosive and positive,’’ said a KT spokesman.

The company plans to have 100,000 Wi-Fi zones by the end of 2011, which will make it the owner of the world’s largest Wi-Fi network operated by a single carrier.

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