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WiBro: On It’s Last Legs? Or Given a Leg Up?

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As the K-Times is sometimes wont to do it has published two somewhat conflicting articles over the last week or so regarding WiBro.

For those not in the know WiBro is a mobile wireless standard that promises Internet and voice connectivity on the go at speeds closer to fixed line offerings (about 10Mb/s download adn 8Mb/s up) but with the convenience of mobile (which offers about 10Mb/s down and 1Mb/s (if you’re lucky) up).

As with a number of technologies before it (think SSL encryption and the debacle Active X controls have made it here) Korea was first to jump on the band wagon of what would eventually become WiMax in North America (which in itself is slightly different).

This posses a problem here in Korea, the least of which being people are starting to skip WiMax altogether in favour of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless standard. 

WiBro sales have been pretty poor – mainly because operators refuse to let customers out of their walled garden when it comes to the Internets – But also because Korea already has a tried and true (dare I say it) *Ubiquitous* wi-fi coverage:

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