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UCC : User-created Content

The User-created content means on-line content which are produced by Internet users by forum or bulletin board system as opposed to copyrighted contents. This term was originated by one of korean portal sites, Daum since 1999. In that time, there were few Online contents. Many korean web sites focused on gathering user activities. So there has developed various bulletin board system such as CrazyWWWBoard, ZeroBoard in Korea. Daum Cafe was success story of the largest online community service. From now on it has 600 million forums and 2.1 billion articles by 22 million users in Korea…….

……. The term, UCC is almost same with UGC (User-generated content), but UCC is older than UGC made in 2005 by trend of Web 2.0. It means korean’s users activity was very strong in cyber space by the fast broadband penetration.

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