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Korean Pioneer of “Commerce 2.0”

Flyfan is the Korean Pioneer of “Commerce 2.0”

Founded in 2009 by Korean web veterans, Flyfan is an e-commerce startup whose mission is to “innovate e-commerce using the social web.”

Flyfan’s first service is 1forME.  1forME in its current form is largely the Etsy of Korea — marketplace for artist handmade goods. But the company plans to differentiate itself from Etsy by building what it calls the “eBay for Custom Goods.”

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MBC finally gives in and embraces P2P sharing

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MBC, a major Korean broadcasting company, announced (link in Korean) it will make nearly all of its content available to anyone for sharing. This means any individual or company can freely grab MBC’s original content and put it up on their server without any restrictions.
MBC says they are doing this as they are confident they will be able to monetize successfully. End customers who want to download MBC content should pay around KRW 500 per episode (= about half a buck). MBC will collect the revenues from P2P service providers, and has signed agreement with 40 P2P companies. As a way to make sure there is no loophole, MBC will use the technologies that can detect free-riders — content downloaders who do not pay for the content. There are startup companies, such as Enswer, that can filter out illegally downloaded content.
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Why so little Korean web companies get Techcrunched

Why so little Korean web companies get Techcrunched

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Most Koreans are addicted to the web, I wondered; Seoul must be a breeding place for new web ventures? I approached Chang W. Kim, to get an idea of what is going on. Chang is CEO of the biggest blog portal (80%) in Korea. He explains his views on European projects, the Seoul web-scene and funding in his region.

Chang: “I think it can be said that the startup industry in Korea is still relatively small, although there is a web climate in Seoul, entrepreneurs meet at barcamp meetings, we have something similar to lunch 2.0 and there are conferences. However, from the investors side, there are not enough good startups in this region.”

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Korean News Feeds

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We try to bring you the pulse of Korean-Americans and we’re obviously focused on many things that occur in the U.S.   However, did you ever wonder where you could go to find out all the different things that’s going on with Koreans?

  Well, we have a friend who runs the Korean News Feeds website and you’ll find a whole lot of Korean things there.  It’s a feed that extracts headlines from various Korean newspapers, blogs and other popular websites.  Check it out when you have a moment.

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Cyworld US Doesn’t Know “Graceful Sunset”

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This is from last week, but definitely needs revisiting. Cyworld Us announced it’s closing its service. Well, services can close (though basically it’s a disaster and it shouldn’t happen, as people lose their data), but the real problem is how horribly the company is handling the whole situation. I am appalled by the lack of professionalism in the email notice they sent out. How could they not hire a single English-speaking person to write an email of this importance? The email is so full of grammatical errors that almost half of commenters in the Techcrunch article actually think it was poorly translated by Google Translate, while the email was originally written in English.

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