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Korean Mobile Blog me2day Web 2.0-based, single-line blogging, micro-blog service. http://me2day.net/ Twitter works SNS services, mobile blogging, micro-blog service. http://yagg.kr/ SK Telecom’s mobile micro-blogging services available. http://www.tossi.com/ U.S. wireless integration blogs, social networking services, the official English website. http://www.twitter.com/ Light version of Facebook, write comments, friend requests, view pictures provided, and more. http://lite.facebook.com/ Web 2.0 […]Read Post ›

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Daltong Wallpaper download site, a clock, weather, picture frames, calculators, calendars and more. http://www.daltong.com/ Wizard factory Cafe, blog, home page provides Cells widgets, creating tools, WZDAPI Introduction and How-to Guide. http://www.wzdfactory.com/ Thread Widgets, real production, widgets for your blog, and more. http://www.sealtale.com/ Widget Box Wepwijet authoring platform sites, games, news, watches, music, and Services. http://www.widgetbox.com/ […]Read Post ›