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North Korea retweets

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Twitter user gets suspended sentence for North Korea retweets

A judge in Suwon convicted a 24-year-old photographer of violating the National Security Act by retweeting messages praising North Korea. Judge Shin Jin-woo of the criminal division at Suwon District Court sentenced Park Jung-geun on Nov. 21 to 10 months in prison suspended for two years for the Twitter messages. In his ruling, Shin said the court had “sufficient grounds for recognizing the text the defendant wrote or retweeted as ‘expression aiding the enemy’ as defined by the National Security Act.” He also said the court “recognizes that he had the goal of aiding the enemy.” Shin went on to say, “While Twitter is private by nature, a place where a person states his or her thoughts or opinions briefly within 140 characters, it cannot be restricted to a space of simple personal communication because there is no way of blocking access by an unspecified multitude, and the ripple effect is large.”

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North Korean dictator inspiring Olympics athletes


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Humble athletes will often throw their victory back to their homeland for inspiring them to be their best and go for the gold. North Korea’s athletes don’t give the credit to their country. They give it all to just one man.

Deadspin compiled a collection of news announcements from the Korean Central News Agency in which either the agency announces their athletes thanking their humble dictator for giving them the strength to achieve victory.

Weightlifter Om Yun Choi won gold in the men’s category for North Korea. The agency released a statement that Choi told reporters, “the secret is nothing but the loving care of leader Kim Jong Il and the dear respected Kim Jong Un.”
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Barack Obama and leader Kim Jong-il Sculpture in Seoul

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A sculpture by artist Choi Jin-Ah, featuring U.S. President Barack Obama and the late leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il, is displayed at the Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival (ASYAAF), a students’ summer art exhibition, at the old Seoul Station building in central Seoul August 2, 2012.

North Korean propaganda, South Korean taxi driver arrested for

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On the 25th prosecutors in Incheon indicted 49-year-old Mr. A, a taxi driver, on charges of writing internet posts praising and sympathizing with North Korea in violation of the National Security Law.

According to prosecutors, at the end of 2010 Mr. A began writing over 60 internet posts praising North Korea’s three-generation system, its Juche ideology, and its military-first policy, writing such things as “in Chosun [North Korea], do you know they have the system of 2-3 generation loyalty to the people and the motherland? The succession is pro-revolutionary and promotes the development of the people and the motherland.”

In over 50 posts Mr. A also propagandized on the memoirs of Kim Jong-un, photos of the Juche Pagoda, the superiority of North Korean society, and the leadership abilities of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, and praised the Juche ideology and military-first policy, and called for a federal-style reunification, the withdrawal of the United States military, and praised North Korean communism.

North Korea Restaurant : Food, Drink and Propaganda in Phnom Penh

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Restaurant Pyongyang sits on busy Monivong Boulevard, in the heart of Phnom Penh. The building itself is nondescript and doesn’t really stand out unless you are looking for it. Aside from the lunch hours of 11:30 – 2:00, the only action you’re likely to see outside of the restaurant in the afternoon is some fancy SUV’s pulling up and leaving from time to time. I don’t even want to know what’s up with the SUVs. It’s been rumoured that managers at the restaurant pimp the waitresses out; most likely to North Korean officials visiting and working in Phnom Penh, to high-society Khmers, or to rich South Koreans, who want that North Korean experience but don’t want to brave the DMZ to get it.

North Korea’s Has 1 million mobile phone users

North Korea’s Has 1 million mobile phone users

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North Korea has hit an important milestone, having reached one million mobile phone users. The only mobile operator in the country, Koryolink, has seen a surge in the number of customers, with some 100,000 people signing-up during the each of the last five quarters.

Koryolink, which is 75% owned by Egypt’s Orascom Telecom and 25% by the state-run Korea Post and Telecommunications Corporation, said they’re now covering 14% of the country’s landmass, but that equates to around 94% of the population.

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New North Korean Restaurant Opened in Amsterdam

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After a small delay, the Netherlands branch of Pyongyang Restaurant opened in the Osdorp area of western Amsterdam in mid-January 2012.

Yonhap reports:

The “Pyongyang Restaurant” was launched late last month under a joint venture between North Korea and two Dutch businessmen. While North Korea is known to operate dozens of restaurants across Asia, it is the first time a North Korean restaurant has opened in Europe, with the exception of a canteen that briefly operated near the North Korean Embassy in Vienna in the mid-1990′s, according to a local source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.