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Korea’s most watched Youtube channels #1

Korea’s most watched Youtube channels #1

The United States specializing in video, music, humor, bizarre videos and more.

YouTube Mobile
Youtube mobile-only services, entertainment, music, news and politics, movies, sports and movie offers.

YouTube Trends
YouTube offers, Category popular video and more.
YouTube Korea
YouTube Korea, specializing in community video, music, humor, and more.

Playful Kiss Youtube channel
Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition aired, Kim Hyun Joong.

2PM yutyubeuchaeneol
Male group 2PM YouTube Channel, MTV and more.

Girls’ YouTube channel

Female group Girls’ Generation YouTube channel, interviews, music videos, teaser video and more.

YouTube OpenWorld Entertainment
Open World Entertainment Youtube,  exclusive celebrity videos and more.

MTN Money Today
Money Today YouTube channel , investment strategies, securities, economic information, provides yisyubunseok broadcasting.

YouTube blog
YouTube video blog dedicated community, news and more.

Korean Couple Clothing Store #2

Korean Couple Clothing Store #2

Chonti Jiwugae
Professional trainers mall, keopeulruk, hoodies, pants, bags, shoes.

Made to Order T-Shirt Shop, keopeulruk, gajokti, wedding photography, etc.

Milky Bebe
Paemilriruk mall, gajokti, hoodies keopeulti.

Keopeulruk Couple-Look
Keopeulruk specialist shopping, wedding photography keopeulruk, dresses, shirts.

Keopeulti professional mall, gajokti, honeymoon, anniversary, initial T-shirt sales.

Couples I Love
Honeymoon keopeulruk mall, sinhonyeohaengot, couples beachwear, keopeulti, swimwear, sleepwear.

Tiffany’s Couples
Custom, couples, groups, wedding shooting, printing, production and sales of t-shirts.

Milky Smart
Branded clothing professional couples. Couples hoodies. Gajokti. Paemilriruk such sales.

Shop Clothing specializes in couples, keopeulruk, hoodies, yasang, jackets, etc. Beautiful suits, wedding photography sales and information.

Beachwear NOOK Apps, sinhonyeohaengot, honeymoon wear, bikinis, bathing suits couples, keopeulruk such sales.

Eleven Couple
Shop Clothing specializes in couples, t-shirts, wedding photography  beachwear, men and women apparel and accessories, such as sales.

Clothing Store couples, couples yasang, t-shirts, on four, hoodies, and sales.

Clothing specializes in couples Street shopping, beachwear, headphones, t-shirts, swimwear.


Best of Korean Popularity Ranking

Site Analysis and Evaluation services, traffic analysis, site ranking and the data provided.

Great web site page views and popularity rankings, sectoral rankings, toolbars and more.
Youth recommended sites, information and communication, and Your Code of Ethics, netiquette, Internet safety tips and more.
Website rating service, site ranking, traffic analysis, statistics and more.
Internet trends
Site Analysis and Evaluation services, traffic analysis, sectoral ranking, weekly rankings trends and more.
p2p web
Webhard, shopping malls, community, and recommend priority torenteujeongbo, web pages, downloads, coupons, services.
Site ranking information distributors, manufacturers, dumping, trade, promotion companies, shopping malls provide Content ranking.
Wow Rank
FAQ Search Memberlist Usergroups Register ranking sites, public agencies, school districts, universities, hospitals, businesses, and more.
Best Life History
Shopping, music, travel, linked sites and launch the video introduction.
China rank
China Internet Association Operating Internet ranking site.
Site Rank
Site Content ranking, registration and management, traffic statistics, marketing materials and more.
Provide priority sites, shopping, chat, employment, education, marriage, travel, web hard, finance, lottery, and provides rankings.

Store Rating Sites, clothes shopping, social commerce, providing a comprehensive shopping category ranking.
Top Philippine Websites
Philippines Website traffic rankings site, category information, domains and more.

Popularity Ranking
Rank information sites, shopping malls, social commerce, games, movies, songs, ranking and more.
http://www.Popularity ranking of Korea /

Korean Couples Clothing Store #1

Korean Couples Clothing Store #1

Style Stalker
Couples Hollywood style clothing store, vintage, couple gifts, t-shirts, pants, etc.
Style Couple

Specializing in beachwear store,  swimwear, dresses, bikinis, trunks.

Keopeulti professional shopping, swimwear, hoodies, pajamas, hats, etc.

Couple Green Tea
Keopeulti professional mall, keopeulruk, Couples pajamas, watches, etc.

Sweet Cat
Couples Clothing Store, Wedding Photography,hoodies, padding, and couples swimwear, keopeulti, knit, and sales.

Keopeulruk professional mall, couple t-shirts, Southern, hoodies, knit cardigans, shoes.

Shop Clothing specializes in couples, keopeulti, swimsuits, hoodies jipeop, jackets, accessories and sales.

Sweet plum
Keopeulruk specialist shopping, designing their own t-shirts, pants, couples swimwear, shoes, watches, and sales.

Best Couple
Keopeulruk professional shopping, t-shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, bags and sales.

Couple number one
Shop Clothing specializes in couples, keopeulti, Southern, pants, sweatshirt, hat, and sales.

Keopeulti professional mall, wedding, honeymoon, and production and sales orders.
Shop Clothing specializes in couples, bikini, t-shirts, dresses, etc. Our Beachwear.

Couple Market
Keopeulti professional mall,underwear, pajamas, etc.

Milky Smart
Branded clothing professional couples. Couples hoodies.

Trendy Couple
Shop Clothing specializes in couples, t-shirts, shorts, swimwear, shoes, watches, and sales.

Eleven couples
Shop Clothing specializes in couples, t-shirts, wedding photography ,beachwear, men and women apparel and accessories.

Shop Clothing specializes in couples, shirts, hoodies, pants, and sales.

Shop Clothing specializes in couples, celebrity style, windscreen, padding, and Southern, hoodies, and sales.

Top 10 Korean Energy Drinks

Top 10 Korean Energy  Drinks

Photo: Here

Photo: Here

Bacchus (박카스)

Vita 500 (비타 500)

Dawn 808 (여명 808)

Conditon Power (컨디션 파워)

Morning Care (모닝 케어)

Powerten (파워텐)

Hot 6ix (핫식스)

Heotgae Tree Project Coopers (헛개나무 프로젝트 쿠퍼스)

Powershot (파워샷)

X-cocas (엑스코카스)

Korean Not Branded Clothing

Korean Not Branded Clothing

Fine, thank
Specializing in women’s clothing store bonded, blouses, knitwear, dresses, seukinijin, fashion accessories and sales.

Nippon jjuya
Bonded Women’s Clothing Store, dresses, knitwear, skirts, shirts, dresses, and sales, providing coordination.

Women’s Fashion Shop, cardigans, dresses, bags, handbags, shoes, etc. sales.

Women’s Clothing Store, Hollywood style, tees, blouses, dresses, skirts sale.

Whip Whip
Luxury-style women’s clothing store, Hollywood-style bag, such as SSL Secured sales, providing coordination.

Three tempo
10 Women’s Clothing Store, Street Fashion, knit dresses, chiffon blouses, cardigans, sale, offer, Cody.

Prom Girls
10 Women’s clothing store, vintage, t-shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes, etc. sales, providing coordination.

Women’s Clothing Store, Japanese, vintage, ethnic styles, skirts, pants, fashion frames, and sales.

Bloom Ann Borg
Bonded Women’s Clothing Store, blouses, skirts, dresses, and accessories sales.

Men’s professional shopping, shirts, pants, jackets, vests, bags sales.
Women’s clothing store specializing in bonded, jackets, blouses, shirts, dresses, and accessories sales.

The number of bonded Women’s Clothing Store, dresses, cardigans, seukinijin, bags, jackets, and sales.

HW-looking Internet operations, specializing in women’s clothing store, dresses, blouses, jeans, knitwear, cardigans, and sales.

Blue Coco
Women’s Clothing Store bonded, luxury style, Beautiful suits, bags, shoes, and accessories sales.

Women’s Clothing Store bonded, casual clothing, T-shirts, Levi’s Sales Remedies.

Luxury-style women’s clothing store, import bonded, Hollywood-style T-shirts, blouses, jackets sale.

Heaphy Road
Oriental, bohemian, ethnic, vintage style, such as India, Thailand, Japan imported clothing and accessories store.

10 Clothing Store, wear, vintage, salvation, tees, jeans, and sales.

20 Casual Women’s Clothing Store, 44 sizes, dresses, cardigans, blouses, etc. Our Beautiful suits.

Style-selling history
The number of professional women’s clothing store, time, Mine and relief-style apparel, fashion accessories, and sales.

Korean Clothing Military Style

Korean Clothing Military Style

Military clothing and camping supplies store, survival, military uniforms, boots, Gore-Tex, jacket, etc.

Military Supplies specializes in shopping malls, relief, Military survival, military equipment, including outdoor sales.

Military General Store, survival, military equipment, Gore-Tex, uniforms, etc.

Millie teoriruk professional shopping, clothes, hats, helmets, badges, and sales.

Battle Gear
Millie teoriruk professional shopping, jackets, head wear, gloves, belts, protective equipment, such as sales.

Shop specializes in military uniform, the number of uniforms, military supplies, Gore-Tex, Germany, and a preliminary uniform sales.

Kj Trading
Military Supplies specializes in shopping malls, air jumpers, sleeping bags, survival clothing, jungle hats, etc.

Military specialist shopping, hat, raincoat, mahura, t-shirts, shorts, and sales.

Millie teoriruk professional mall, keopeulti, Gore-Tex, bodeubok, Men’s Clothing, uniforms, and sales.

Military Goods Store, backpacks, gloves, and commissioned the ring, manufacture and sale of souvenirs.

Korean Couple Shopping

Cutiple (Kyutipeul)
Keopeulti professional shopping, swimwear, hoodies, pajamas, hats, etc, providing coordination.

Style stalker
Hollywood-style clothing store a couple of vintage, couples items, shirts,pants,etc.

Funhancouple (Peonhankeopeul)
Clothing Store specializing in couples, couple tees, hoodies, jackets, accessories, perfume, etc.

Duktemshop (Deuktemsyap)
Couple shopping mall specializing in men and women clothing, shirts, jackets, pants, bags, accessories etc for sale.

Go Beach
Shop specializes in beachwear, swimwear, bikini, trunks, etc.

Sweet cat
Clothing Store couples, wedding photography hoodies, padding, and a couple swimsuits, knit, etc.

Style Couple
Couple shopping mall specializing in clothing, beachwear, dresses, a couple swimsuits, bikinis, etc.

Green Tea (Keopeulti)
professional mall couples pajamas, watches, etc.
http://www. Keopeulruk. Kr /

Market couples

Keopeulti professional mall, underwear, sleepwear, and other online

sso-sso Ssossosyap
Keopeulruk professional mall, a couple t-shirt, shirt, hoodies, knitted cardigans, shoes, etc.

Couple shopping mall specializing in clothing, bikinis, t-shirts, dresses, beachwear, etc. for sale.

Sweet plum
Keopeulruk specialized shopping malls, self-made T-shirts, pants, a couple bathing suit, sneakers, watches, etc. for sale.

Eleven couples
Couple shopping mall specializing in clothing, t-shirts, wedding photography , beachwear, men and women clothing, accessories, etc. for sale.

luvandluv (Reopaenreop)
Clothing Store specializing in couples, keopeulti, swimwear, hoodies, jackets, accessories, etc. for sale.

Hi Couple
Couple shopping mall specializing in clothing, shirt, trousers, watches, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.

Keopeulti professional mall, weddings, honeymoons and production and sales orders.

Milky Smart
Clothing brand specializing in couples.

Keopeulti professional mall, paemilriruk, gajokti, honeymoons, anniversaries, Initial T-shirts for sale.

I love history
Honeymoon keopeulruk mall,couples beachwear, swimwear, sleepwear.

Double-jet history
Couple T-shirt specialist store, street fashion, shorts, short sleeve hoodies, men’s clothing, etc. for sale.

Couple who starved baby girl to death were raising an online girl character


A couple, who were arrested earlier this week for neglecting their baby girl and letting her starve to death, had actually been raising an online girl character, the police said on Friday.

The couple, residents of a southern Seoul suburb, allegedly neglected their prematurely born three-month-old daughter, feeding her just once a day in between 12-hour stretches at a neighborhood Internet cafe. Police said they had become obsessed with raising a virtual girl character called “Anima” in the popular role-playing game “Prius Online.”

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Korean Minbak-Pension Informations

Korean Minbak-Pension Informations

Source : Here

Minbaks are homestays or ‘bed and breakfast’ style set-ups, usually found in rural areas and islands.
Inpen history
Internet pensyeonjeongbo sites, local search, restaurants, tourist information, etc.

B & B booking sites, weekends, families, couples travel, providing information.

Pension information sites, local and Pensions, workshops, MT, personalized search, community and provide information.

Info baenae
Pension informational website, referrals, themes and Pensions, minmak, restaurants, tourism information around more.

Pension information sites, real-time reservation, local and Pensions, workshops, MT, provides information on the community.

Pensyeonyeyak service, professional organizations, families, couples travel, island, etc. Anmyeondo guides, travel information.

B & B booking sites nationwide, regional and Pensions, reservation status, travel information, website creation and more.

B & B booking sites nationwide, regional and Pensions, themes, travel guides and online booking services.

National Pensions site, regional and Pensions, real-time reservation, homepage, travel information, accommodation provided.

Bed and Breakfast
Pension information site in Ansan, European, Pool B & B cottages, flats, etc. Experience Reservation.