The Challenge to Innovate in Korea

Ttanks to  Korea’s Information Society The death of Steve Jobs has prompted an outpouring of journalistic efforts, all around the world, to explain innovation, especially the sort of innovation that characterized his tenure at Apple.  The Korea Joongang Daily carried an article questioning whether the death of Jobs would have a deep impact, or whether business would continue … Continue reading The Challenge to Innovate in Korea

Blogger’s Phone Review Deleted by Samsung  Lee Yoo Eun In South Korea, an influential blogger’s negative review of a Samsung smartphone has been taken down due to pressure from the manufacturer. Internet users have harshly criticised the nation’s biggest conglomerate, Samsung Electronics and Naver, the nation’s biggest web portal, for censoring the blogger. Hahm Young Min is an influential IT blogger … Continue reading Blogger’s Phone Review Deleted by Samsung

Galaxy Tab Makes its Debut in U.S.

Posted on Galaxy Tab, Samsung Electronics’ Tablet PC is finally entering the American market, expecting a fierce competition with Apple’s iPad. Samsung Electronics held a Galaxy Tab launch event in New York on September 16, local time. The event was attended by about 150 officials including associates from American companies, mobile operators, local press … Continue reading Galaxy Tab Makes its Debut in U.S.