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Korean webtoons reach out to world

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Webtoons have become more than a cultural item. With the help of rapidly spreading high-tech mobile gadgets, a growing number of people are

exposed to webtoons and businessmen are seeking to use them in new entrepreneurial opportunities.

“No one can deny that webtoons can be powerful sources. They are read by millions of people, which is commercially attractive. Also they can be adapted to different media platforms,” said Lee Du-ho, a Korea Creative Contents Agency PR officer. The Cartoon Industry White Paper 2011 notes that while the overall cartoon industry is sliding, the digital cartoon sector, especially webtoons, is enjoying a boom.

Adaptation to other industries

The recent slew of successful webtoon-based films and TV dramas have accelerated the syndrome ― popular webtoon artists are developing affiliated projects including the publication of their creations, selling rights for TV, the silver screen and other adaptations as well as franchising the work with souvenirs and other commodities.



Twitter is about to launch a Korean service

It seems the Twit Korean is not very far away. The Hankyung newspaper’s IT journalist and a prolific Twitterer @kwang82 tweeted today that, “Twitter is about to launch a Korean service” and noticed that Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder, is planning to visit Seoul for a press conference tomorrow. His invitation card reads ‘Twitter Loves Korea’.

Twitter is only available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese, prompting some Korean twitterers touse Twitkr or Twit bird. As Blogger Ajenneja pointed out some of Twitter’s major functions, such as the hashtag, do not work properly in the Korean language and the Twit search gives terrible results when searched in Korean words longer than three syllables.

The exact purpose of the press conference is unknown but considering the recent changes in Twitter’s help desk, it’s more or less certain that Twitter in Korean is about to be realized. @Barunsori6 tweeted under the title [good news for fellow Twitterers not fluent in English] that Tweeter’s help center is now available in Korean, which was roundly welcomed with such comments as ‘Yay, finally! I can complain in Korean.’

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Social Networking Trends in Korea


More on Social Networking Trends in Korea

The Joongang Daily has an interesting article today dealing with the problems of security on social networking sites in Korea.  It quotes a Facebook representative in Korea as saying that Koreans have a relatively low awareness of social network security.   I would suggest that this is part of the broader cultural differences in thinking about and using social networking sites, as discussed in earlier posts.   Cyworld is dramatically different from Facebook with the latter being introduced over four years later in the U.S.
According to eMarketer, 61.4 percent of Internet users worldwide have an SNS account, up from 51.4 percent in 2009 and 45.1 percent in 2008. And it turns out that people spend more time on social media Web sites than they do e-mailing or Web surfing. Those surveyed spent 4.6 hours a week on SNS sites, compared to 4.4 hours for e-mail.    Here in Korea, according to the Korea Communications Commission, 65.7 percent of the population uses SNS sites.

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Fring Announces FringOut, Calling To Landlines For Cheap

Fring Announces FringOut, Calling To Landlines For Cheap

Remember reading about the Skype / Fring falling out? Well, it looks like the falling out has had some fallout of its own in the form of a new service from Fring called FringOut, which puts them on a competitive footing with Skype and offers us consumers a new source for cheap long distance calling.


The FringOut arm of Fring, as implied with something of a lack of subtlety, offers long distance calling on the cheap from users of Fring to non-users of Fring at a whopping one cent per minute. And lest you think that’s only to a laundry list of small countries few people travel in or to, that is absolutely worldwide. Call Prague from Poland, one cent. Denver to Dublin to Dubuque, one cent. And so on right down the line up until you’re calling Beijing from the third ring of Saturn for just one cent a minute. Assuming of course you can get a signal.

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Yonsei admissions officer axed over tweet

연세대 입학사정관 “특혜 말투”로 보직 정지

Yonsei University said Monday it suspended an admissions officer from her job as her husband posted a message on Twitter that indicated she could favor an applicant to the school.

The man, who runs a private academy teaching speech skills, posted a message on the social-networking site, telling a TV news reader that: “If your child plans to apply for Yonsei, please let me know. My wife has been designated as an admissions officer. Why don’t you get some benefit from me?”

The two once worked at the same broadcasting company and have maintained a good relationship since, sources said.

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K-Pop stars go global through social media

K-Pop stars go global through social media

Korean pop stars are reaching out to the world through global networks like YouTube and Twitter, the online-version of Time reported Thursday.

“For many artists in Korea’s booming music industry, social media like YouTube and Twitter have become crucial tools to reach audiences in formerly hard-to-access markets like the U.S. and Europe,” Time in an article titled “K-Pop Online: Korean stars go global with social media,” said.

By introducing the 22-year-old South Korean singer and dancer Taeyang as an international pop star, Time said he has not made himself known through a series of expensive promotions in big music market in North America or in Japan but through online platforms.

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North Korean News Agency Uriminzokkiri Joins Twitter

It appears that North Korea has joined the Twitterverse. Mashable reports that news agency Uriminzokkiri set up Twitter account @uriminzok, which is believed to be run by the North Korean government.

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The first Tweet on the account, in Korean, said “our nation” now has a Twitter account, according to Mashable, which added that subsequent Tweets contained links to historical North Korean documents and news items from Uriminzokkiri.

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Global IT Innovation Led by Twitter and IPhone

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At one lecture room of the “Web 2.0 Expo” took place on November 16 at the Javit Center in Manhattan, New York, a whopping 60 percent of 200 participants were holding a smartphone on their hands.

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Those smartphone users were searching lecturers’ profile or relevant data via their phone, and some participants were posting instant replies on lecturers’ remarks through Twitter installed on their handset.

Such rapid-fire responses flashed upon a roll screen in front of a lecture room without any filtering. Speakers fine-tuned their lecture contents by checking opinions updated in real-time on Twitter. Above examples best demonstrate how smartphone and Twitter — newly emerged IT weapons — maximize “interactivity” of lectures.

The search giant Google has recently unveiled its innovative services such as “Google Goggle” that defies stereotypes on conventional search. It is a new search feature where users can view information on a handset via submitting images of subject taken by a phone camera.

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Astronauts Get Internet Access: First Live Tweet from Space


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In far reaching developments, NASA astronauts now have personal internet web access and are tweeting from space. So you might want to follow NASA on Twitter and get space updates  now.

NASA confirmed that astronauts aboard the International Space Station have received personal access to the Internet.

This personal Web access, called the Crew Support LAN, takes advantage of existing communication links to and from the station and gives astronauts the ability to browse and use the Web. The system will provide astronauts with direct private communications to enhance their quality of life during long-duration missions by helping to ease the isolation associated with life in a closed environment.

Expedition 22 Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer tweeted his first unassisted update to his Twitter account, @Astro_TJ, from the space station. Previously tweets from space had to be e-mailed to the ground where support personnel posted them to the astronaut’s Twitter account. Here is the first live tweet from space.

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Twitter usage in Korea

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Twitter usage in Korea

With Twitter’s popularity around the world, Korean celebrities and politicians have joined the trend.



Web 2.0 Asia: Top Korean sports celebrity to join Twitter

Yonhap News: Twitter hype raises eyebrows in Korea’s political circles

In Korea, Twitter is facing competition with similar services from small startups, mobile phone operators and online portals:

Despite the enthusiasm by the Korean industry, it currently seems that only me2Day has a hope of competing with Twitter in popularity.

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