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Apple Pays Compensation Over iPhone Tracking

A Korean has won a lawsuit against Apple for W1 million in damages over a secret program in the iPhone that tracks and stores users’ locations (US$1=W1,062). Apple may have to compensate an estimated 3 million iPhone and iPad users in Korea if they file a class-action lawsuit, which could lead to some W3 trillion in compensatory payments.

A district court in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province on Wednesday said it ordered Apple Korea to pay Kim Hyung-seok (36), a lawyer who filed a suit against the company in late April this year saying the tracking function of his iPhone infringed his constitutionally protected privacy. In late June, Apple Korea paid Kim W998,000, deducting the W2,000 bank commission for the money transfer.

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Park Chan-wook, an iPhone 4 to film “Paranmanjang”

South Korean Director Creates a Film with The iPhone 4

One of South Korea’s well known film directors, Park Chan-wook, has created a 30 minute fantasy film entitled “Paranmanjang,” (Ups and Downs) using the iPhone 4.  It is receiving quite a bit of publicity, including a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.  Park first achieved fame in 2000 with his film “Joint Security Area.”  The idea arose last fall just as he and his brother (and fellow director) Park Chan-kyong were set to begin filming a fantasy about a middle-aged fisherman who one day hauls a woman out of the water’s depths. That’s when South Korea’s exclusive iPhone distributor offered to finance the $130,000 project if the pair agreed to use the device to make a theater-quality film.

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Capcom Mobile Releases Mr. Bill Game for iPhone and iPod touch

Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, has released an iPhone and iPod touch game based on the iconic late night character, Mr. Bill. Players attempt to guide the accident-prone clay character through a series of disaster-filled jobs run by his nemesis Sluggo.

Trying out as a human cannonball for Sluggo Big-Time Circus, you’ll launch Mr. Bill through two hazardous occupations and dozens of fun-filled levels. After being shot from the cannon, players control Mr. Bill’s altitude by tapping the screen, causing Mr. Bill to flap his arms. Your goal is to help him stay aloft until he reaches his destination by bouncing off trampolines, dangling from balloons and getting shot into the air by trained seals while avoiding all manner of treacherous obstacles.

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China greenlights iPhone 4, South Korea gets it on Friday

China greenlights iPhone 4, South Korea gets it on Friday

iPhone 4 has finally received much-needed network approval from the People’s Republic of China, allowing Apple to crack open the 1.4 billion people market two and a half months after the handset launched in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan. According to Fox Business, China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center (their equivalent of the FCC) has awarded a network license for iPhone 4, breaking the barrier that kept China Unicom, the country’s iPhone carrier, from selling the phone in the country.

Apple is in the middle of a major retail push in China. The firm has opened its second retail store in the Shanghai’s Pudong district, featuring a stunning 40ft high glass cylinder. Two more stores are planned in Shanghai, in addition to up to 25 stores scheduled to open in the country by the end of 2011.

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Apple Announces The New iPod Touch: Dual Cameras, Retina Screen

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Apple unveiled the new iPod touch today at their special event, along with several other music- and media-related devices. Of course, we’ve been hearing murmurs and leaks about it for some time now, and the new device pretty much tallies with our expectations.

Folks in South Korea upset over iPhone 4 delay

South Korea would be in the early second wave of countries receiving the iPhone 4, sometime in July. After Apple had problems making white iPhone 4 models and meeting demand for black models, they came up with a release date at the very end of July, and I reported over a week ago that South Korea had been dropped from the list.

Well, it turns out that, according to the Wall Street Journal‘s Evan Ramstad, some folks in Korea aren’t too happy about that, including the iPhone’s carrier, KT, and the ROK government whom Steve Jobs blamed for the delay:

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iPhone 4 another problem?

 Users have found an additional problem with the iPhone 4, following the complaints about reception and a proximity sensor. When using the iPhone camera, the photo’s color is not clear. Some iPhones come out yellowish color, and some with a greenish spot in the middle of the photo. One iPhone 4 user spotted this problem, and requested a new phone. His old one had a greenish spot in the middle of the screen. The new one had another problem as its photo was tinged yellowish. He requested a new one again, and the greenish spot returned. It is not known whether Apple will fix this problem with other problems encountered.

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Seoul subway with… saunas??!!

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Yes, the developer NemusTech thinks foreigners will find saunas in Korea to be so popular that they’ve labeled their free version, “Korean sauna edition”. I didn’t really use the app to find where the saunas… or jim jil bangs (an interesting experience worthy of its own blog post)… were, but if that’s your thing, you’ll get more out of this super handy and easy to use app for the Seoul subway system.


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